Why do we need eye cream?

Our eyes speak not only personality but also for our age. Their daily care is therefore essential.
You might think that after using moisturizer all over the face, it may be an exaggeration to apply and eye cream. In reality, the eyes need special care because the skin in that area is very thin and wants more attention.
what it can offer you a good eye cream?

Why you need a night cream

During that night the skin, like the rest of the body, resting in order to renew.
On the day the skin functions focusing on defense against environmental attacks -yperiodis radiation, pollution, dry air, etc., excessive heat, and in the evening doubled the rate of cell regeneration and collagen production is enhanced.

Parents expectations

We often hear around us to talk about expectations. But what exactly does this mean? The word expectation refers to the expectation of hope for something good and positive. Expectations refer to two categories: the personality and achievements.

What are polyphenols?

Polyphenols are phytochemicals found in plants n in plant foods, which protect against external factors such as ultraviolet radiation and microbial invasions, reinforcing their natural defenses.
There are thousands of antioxidants and each of them has different characteristics, separated according to their chemical structure into the following major groups:

Ways of stimulating children

Some ways to stimulate parents confidence their children are:
- Tell your children that you love. Do it every day.
- A caress each day builds a relationship between you and strengthens.
- Be sure to look at the child in his eyes, even if you need to bend or kneel to succeed.
- Do not hesitate to ask forgiveness from your child when you are wrong.

Bags under the eyes

The increased fat in the lower eyelid is the main reason that created unsightly bags under the eyes.
The bags and dark circles under the eyes associated with various conditions such as:
-Nosimata Thyroid
-Not Enough sleep
-Ypervoliki exercise
-Fluid retention

Why do women have cellulite?

Cellulite is a “feminine” aesthetic problem, since it affects about 90% of women worldwide, while men, due to hormonal factors, rarely present a problem cellulite.
In this aesthetic problem, the skin shows the so-called appearance of “orange peel”. It shows that ribs, which are followed by depressions, which can range from mild, up to quite intense.

How we face oiliness

If the oil is not due to some other factor (poor diet, use of unsuitable for our type of cosmetics, hormonal disorders, stress and poor psychological condition, unsettled sleep, living in polluted environments), we can treat it and to control it using suitable cosmetics, which help to balance the secretion of sebum without dehydrate and irritate the skin.

Eye Serum for perfect look

You know that blink our eyes at least 10,000 times a day? The fact that the eye area is the most fragile part of the face, as it consists of 22 muscles.
Sera, better known as seroum brought the revolution in cosmetology since released for the first time.
Today magic elixirs evolving, focus on the eye area and thanks to their targeted action have visible results.

The truth about collagen

The truth about collagen
There is no man who has not heard of the impressive results of collagen.
In the human body after water collagen is what exists in vast abundance. Almost everything in our body is made of collagen. Hair, nails, skin, vital organs, joints and knuckles.

Essential oils of citrus genus

The aroma of various Citrus species are among the most popular around the world and additional interest to the fragrance industry, cosmetics and food.
Generally, the Citrus genus plants produce three kinds of essential oil. One type is derived from the skin of the fruit, the other of the leaves and shoots and the third of the flowers.

Why do we have dark circles?

Dark circles are a common cosmetic problem for men and women.

The black circles due to the genes. The skin under the eyes is so thin as to any other part of our body. This means that the point is … almost transparent, since the skin is so thin that clearly shows the blood vessels and blood transport.

Rewarding children

The positive attitude of parents plays a key role in the formation of a balanced personality and healthy psychosocial development of children. This award is an important part of the positive behavior of parents and teachers towards children.

Positive Thinking

There are moments filled with joy and positive thoughts our lives. Depending on the life stage which is our criteria for the definition of happiness vary. Something that from which they derive satisfaction in twenty or thirty is not able to make us happy forty or fifty us. In the course of our lives we change, so change and priorities and our needs, so all we need to feel happy.

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Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our skin produced by fibroblasts. It has the capacity to hold moisture in the tissues and thus enhances hydration. It gives volume and firmness and enhances elasticity and regenerative capacity.

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